Samples of my Work

Hi Julie! Here are my promised Creative Samples

My creative and technical career has truly been diverse. As both a left brain (analytical and methodical) and right brain (creative or artistic) thinker, I’ve been able to advance past projects a lot further wearing multiple hats. I have been programming ever since the first personal computers hit the market and designing since graphic design programs were first released. Compared to today’s PCs, using 286 and 386 speed machines made things really time consuming. But back then it was all still very amazing!

I am still taking a look under the hood of Real Leaders (I love your mission!) and I’m sure my busy mind will come up with some innovative ways to boost visibility, engagement and interest.

Here are some samples below:

In my most recent roles, I serve(d) as a Marketing Director/Manager mainly in the real estate industry. I am currently with a real estate law firm in Atlanta and we’ve doubled our monthly closings since I joined in February 2019. We sponsor many industry events and have some really awesome strategic partnerships.

In an effort to grow our customer base last year, I designed a wine label to gift all of our clients, which has been a huge hit and our new calling card. It was great because it had our rates and contact info on the back label. I also designed the firm’s first SUV wrap which has been a great promotional tool at events. Here are some photos and a couple sample Facebook Commercials we ran during the 2019 Holidays and last Summer. I created and edited them entirely:


While working at RE/MAX, I came up with an idea to help agents sell their properties using 3D virtual videos. I created them in my free time using Google Earth and it has evolved into a favorite hobby of mine. At my current law firm, we produced 3D videos in partnership with agents to help them sell their properties then close with us. THE PROBLEM… properties were selling so quick, the videos were sometimes made in vain. Here are a few sample videos I created for leading agents in the Atlanta market:


In 2019, I entertained the thought of expanded the 3D videos idea by creating a 3D travel magazine using that incredible Google Earth technology. I actually printed a sample edition and here are some sample covers and inside pages. I designed the entire magazine and all the 3D videos in their entirety.

It has evolved even further as I am currently (slowly) building a 3D Search engine during my Coronavirus downtime at . This link really showcases my branding, web design and video editing skills as I created and edited all of the videos in their entirety (except the professional voice talent of course :- )


During my decade in the Pacific Northwest, I had the pleasure of building an award winning startup that focused on educating kids using technology. I wrote a few children’s stories and designed an app to bring the stories to life using animated bots. I even landed a deal with Providence Health Care and KinderCare to produce books for all of their kids in child care and urgent care centers. I created an entire campaign for Providence called Much Much Better Now that included english and spanish version books, commercials and web portals. I coded a majority of the app, illustrated all the books and produced all the video stories. Here are a few images and video samples from my time building Morebots (which I’ve since closed).


Before moving to Portland in 2008, I was busy consulting and contracting with companies during the tech startup boom (when companies were attracting millions of dollars in startup capital by simply drawing ideas on paper napkins – I’m stretching it a bit here, but startup funds were a lot easier to identify back then!)

As I don’t have a portfolio site anymore, I created an Instagram link that has a lot of my old designs:


What I’m Focused On Now

I am sort of a safety nut as I am helping my father build I gave him the idea just before COVID19 expanded, so I’m not sure if he still wants to do it next year. He’s retired and needs something to do :- ) This idea was born as a strategy to help sell my first ever invention, the Doorbell Boa (, which is definitely going to be around next year. I designed both websites. Many of the other websites I’ve designed over time may have changed I’m sure.