The Writer

James Pritchett has had a love for storytelling since he was a teenager when he created his first comic strip series for his high school newspaper. He began writing fiction novels in his early 20’s and it began with two fiction novels – Aaron’s Solution and The Wells of Memphis. He’s traveled up and down the east coast appearing at book signings, cultural street festivals and large book expos like the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Decatur Book Festival and BOOKEXPO in NYC. After a couple decades of radio silence, James’ passion for storytelling has resurfaced in a major way. Please check out his next three novels he hopes to deliver this year and early 2024.

FLY ON THE WALL (Spring 2023)

When a small Baltimore newspaper receives the anonymous tip of the century, it not only changes the outcome of an open investigation, it also changes the trajectory of their reporting— giving them a new tool to print the whole truth.
The race begins to find out the newspaper’s source and is making a lot of people very nervous; including the government.
Fly On The Wall is a suspenseful roller coaster journey into the world of new and advanced ‘truth warfare’. The battlefield is ripe with lies and deceit in this addictive tale of a vicious state Governor‘s race, a failing criminal justice system, emerging technologies and just plain ol’ dishonesty.

BLACK FRIDAY (Summer/Fall 2023)


SAMSUNG AND DELILAH (February ❤︎ 2024)